ATRA 16/9 – 600


  • Vörunúmer: JA21500 (Með svörtum steinn: JAN21500)
  • Gerð: 16/9-600 m/hurð sem hægt er að renna upp og opna út.

Wood fireplace bricks and steel
Nominal power of 8 kW.
Low carbon for ecological use
Very modern lines marked by a black frame (5 or 10 cm wide)
Large flat glass with a wide view of the fire
Two opening systems: hinged door or retractable
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Finish: Black silkscreened glass, brick or black flamed
Rated power: 10 kW
Yield: 82%
Emissions of CO: 0.12%
H x W x D:
1014 x 802 x 502.5 mm
Weight: 191 kg
Ø Smoke output: 177 mm
Direct air intake: yes
Optional: black frame 5 or 10 cm
Comes with log holder # 6
Conforms to EN 13 229


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