Barbas Unilux-6 80


Perfect in existing and new situations

  • Fire view Frontal
  • Weight (kg) 123
  • Output (kW) 8-11
  • Convection casing yes
  • Convection ventilator no
  • Microscopic dust [mg/m3] 17
  • CO (vol%) 0.09
  • Smoke-gas outlet/oxygen supply [Ø mm] 150-125
  • Efficiency (%) 76
  • System efficiency (%) 83
  • Max height wood logs (cm) 50
  • Storage drawer no
  • Log retainer extra height (option) no
  • Wood fireplace
  • Existing and new situations
  • Ideal for renovations
  • Small installation depth only 35 cm.
  • Chimney connection top, back or diagonal
  • Four different designs
  • Open and closed combustion possible
  • Concrete ceramic interior with reinforcement
  • Newly designed closure
  • Ceramic cord seal
  • Steel deepened firing base
  • Unique secondary combustion
  • Windscreen system, preheated air
  • Sizes: 40, 43, 45, 52, 55, 65, 67, 70, 75, 80, 265 L / R / T, 270 L / R / T

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Plenty of variation

The Unilux-6 fits always and everywhere; in both new and existing situations. Barbas offers no less than twelve models, in different heights and widths. As with big brother Universal-6, there is a choice of four stylish frames; for every living style.

Chimney connection

Unique is the connection option for the flue gas discharge on your chimney. Thanks to the sophisticated design of the Unilux-6, it can be connected via the top or back of the appliance as desired. A diagonal connection is also possible. With this option, the convection casing will be dispensed with. For this option, refer to the installation instructions.

Top Connection

Rear connection

Diagonal connection

Four different designs

Never before was the Unilux so complete and complete to your own taste. The four new frame versions create a unique style.



In this version, the conversion of the device can be
built entirely according to one’s own insight, with no frame visible. This gives you maximum freedom in determining the conversion.

Classic frame

Classic Framework

This framework allows a simple and neat placement of the device in
an existing situation. With Unilux-6 this frame is equally wide on all sides.

Deepened framework

Deepened framework

This latest trend makes the fireplace and conversion complete. The 8 mm. edge
around the fireplace is part of the device in this frame. This gives the setup a completely contemporary appearance in accordance with the latest fashion trend. The frame at the bottom is slightly less than the Universal-6.

Built-in frame

Built-in frame

This sturdy frame of 8 mm. thick steel creates a minimalist look. The technique under the fireplace disappears from sight.

Secondary combustion and window aeration

The distribution of the combustion air
takes place according to a completely renewed
system. The
combustion air is distributed under the combustion chamber.

Just as in the Universal-6 is the Treaties
combustion air by means of air 
ducts distributed over the left and right sides of the unit. As a result, the Unilux-6 has a compact designed combustion technology, resulting in a low installation depth of only 35 cm. is possible. This also allows a deepened firing base without making concessions to the combustion technique. A built-in guidance system brings the air to the secondary airbar. This is fully integrated in the concrete ceramic interior.

The remaining air is directed to the front and flows in front of the window through the combustion chamber so that the blackening of the glass is prevented.

Newly designed closure

The newly designed closure with  interlocking movement  locks the door. This is very important because this together with the gasket ensures a perfect closing of the door in relation to the appliance. This means that the device does not attract false air and the combustion technique remains perfectly controllable and black blackened panes are prevented. As a matter of course, the cord can easily be replaced as well as the closure.

The closure

Deepened fire floor

Despite the small installation depth of only 35 cm. The Unilux-6 has a deepened firing base with a standard raised wood rack. This is possible due to the modified combustion technique via the left and right side of the stove.

The firing base itself consists of 8 mm. thick steel with a grate for the primary combustion air supply.

Deepened fire floor

Open and closed combustion

As a matter of course at Barbas, a great deal of care was given to the combustion technology in accordance with the latest legislation and regulations. In addition, it is possible for Unilux-6  to extract the  combustion air from outside . This way you can make room independently. Ideal for increasingly better insulated homes