Dog House Log Cabin


Veggþykkt: 58mm.
Hægt að opna þak – þakskífur – Upphækkað gólf.
Stærð á hurðaropi: 35x35cm


Assembled size: 775 x 1140 x 850 mm.

Not assembled: 900 x 1250 x 500 mm.

Quick and easy assembly. Suitable for medium and large sized dogs.

This dog house is made from spruce wood construction with a raised floor and slant-roof design to keep the interior dry and feel your dog comfortable. The off-center entrance increases the amount of shelter provided from the elements and also allows your pet to turn around inside the house more easily. Our construction and use of the finest materials mean this shelter will endure years of use with very little maintenance, and its design provides additional protection from wind and rain.

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Dog House Log Cabin