Hwam I 4055c


  • Vörunúmer:
    • 4055101h (Lamir hægra megin)
    • 4055101v (Lamir vinstra megin)
  • Technical dataHWAM® Autopilot™ Yes
    Capacity (kW) 4-8
    Nominal heat output (kW) 6,4
    Smokeoutlet, Ø (mm) 150
    Combustion chamber width (cm) 55
    Height (cm) 53,5
    Width (cm) 73,4
    Depth (cm) 39,1
    Weight(kg) 97
    Combustion air system
    Combustion air system can be mounted, floor (Ø 100 mm) Yes
    Distance to inflammable materials
    Distance to inflammable floor (cm) 35
    Distance to furnishing in front (cm)


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HWAM I 4055c



HWAM Autopilot The mechanical HWAM Autopilot with its heat sensitive spring ensures the correct air supply for the different combustion phases enabling an optimal combustion. HWAM unique Autopilot is a strikingly, yet ingeniously brilliant function which offers numerous benefits – both for you and for the enviroment.

• Simple, convenient operation • Clean burning • More enegy, better economy • Easy on the enviroment

The automatic dampers ensure that the combustion air is led to the right places in the combustion chamber, in the right quantities and at the right time to ensure optimum combustion.automatic


Simply light, sit back and enjoy… The bimetallic spring in the HWAM automatic controls the positions of the dampers. As the temperature in the combustion chamber rises, the spring expands and moves the dampers, shutting off the supply of primary air and opening up the supply of secondary air. It is solely the temperature in the combustion chamber that determines how the dampers move. The entire process is ongoing so that the supply of air for each stage of combustion is adjusted precisely to ensure the most eco-friendly, fuelconserving combustion.

The Autopilot continually achieves optimum combustion

The first schematic diagram simply shows the vast of heat that is lost when you leave a stove unattended without HWAM Autopilot.

The second diagram shows the immense savings a HWAM Auopilot makes. You simply light the fire – the HWAM Autopilot will completely control the fire for you automatically regulating the stove so that it continually achieves optimum combustion and prolongs the refill period.