Lagerstærð: 100mm – 125mm

Sérpöntun aðrar stærðir

Lagerstærð: 5 Metrar.

Sérpöntun aðrar lengdir

Hvítt – AluZink – Dökkgrátt

Svart – Brúnt – Rautt – Silvermetalic


Kopar er ekki lagervara.




Gutters catch the rain water from the roof. The gutters are available in three different dimensions: 100, 125 and 150 mm in steel and and 125 and 150 mm in aluminium.

Plannja’s Standard Rainwater System suits all kinds of commercial buildings and private residences. Plannja Rainwater System is functional and easily installed. It is at the same time economic and attractive. In order to increase the life of the products, the steel is lacquered on both sides with a resistant thick-layer coating. Plannja Rainwater System really stands up to the forces of the seasons with rain, snow, ice and meltwater.


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