Woodshed Barrel


Original design;
Thickness of woodshed barrel walls is 38 mm;
Easy storage during off-season;

Diameter 700 mm; Weatherproof bitumen roof cover; Stainless steel tightening bands; Assembled size: 850 x 760 x 855 mm; Delivered fully assembled; (Firewood Not Included:)


Never before a woodshed for your fire been so decorative and original as the our new Woodshed Barrel! Our barrel shape wood storage are sturdy and stylish to keep everything you need to make a sparkling fire neatly with easy access. Our Woodshed Barrel look good near the sauna barrel. This wood storage are the best way to keep the firewood high and dry and stacked in an orderly manner, which helps protect from weather damages. It’s the best selection of wood and firewood storage!


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