Planika FLA 3


Fire Line Automatic 3 is the most intelligent and luxurious long ethanol fireplace available today. It combines the stylish beauty of a traditional fireplace with the fresh approach of modern innovation.

This one of a kind, intelligent long ethanol fireplace allows you to create the endless line of fire by connecting multiple units that can be controlled with any smart device via a Wi-Fi network.

If this isn’t enough FLA3 can also be connected to any Smart Home System offering you the highest level of comfort and safety.

FLA 3 fæst í mörgum mismunandi stærðum 

Frá Kr: 790.600
Frá Kr: 976.800
Frá Kr: 1.154.100
Frá Kr: 1.394.300
Frá Kr: 1.918.200
Frá Kr: 2.416.300