Plannja Trend 275

Plannja Trend has hidden screws and snap locks. It creates fantastic, elegant flow of lines on your roof.

Plannja Trend 275 is an easily installed roof without visible screws. Plannja Trend 275 will give your home that extra air of vitality. By clicking one edge of the sheet into position and fastening the other edge with a screw that is hidden by the next sheet, no screws are visible. Plannja Trend has a snaplock with a high profile. This raises the roof’s contours while providing good functionality and making the roof easier to install. Plannja Trend has a protective Plannja Hard Coat 50 coating for extra long durability. Plannja Trend is also available with our eco-friendly Plannja Green Coat and Aluzinc. Plannja Trend is available in three different versions, where type D with seams is the version Plannja recommends for installation together with Plannja designed eaves.


Takfotsbeslag 326617

Gavellock höger 326055

Vinkelränna 326850

4,8×20 skruv 312001

Takfotsbeslag 326618

Nockplåt 326630

Väggbeslag 326219

4,8×35 skruv 312002

Gavelbeslag 326039

Pulpetnock 326238V

Dämpningslist 342640

4,2×25 Skruv 312332

Gavellock vänster 326054

Nockstöd 326648

Tätningsband 342662

Lackstift 34F2712

Plannja SPS Steel Profile Sealer 342626


Ventilationshuv 160 -125 (Trend 475)

Avloppsluftare m. stos/tak (Trend 475)